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Your Life is a Story

Your life is a story. And your story matters. Period. Realizing this is so very essential when it comes to taking ownership over your life and steering it in a meaningful, purposeful, and healing direction. We are innately narrative beings: there is no such thing as living your life without storytelling. Either you’re conscious of the story you’re telling -- which means you're in full creative control -- or you’re unconscious of your story and, consequently, powerless to shape the arc. Your life embodies countless spools of experiential thread that can be weaved together to craft the most extraordinary kind of tapestry that exists: the beautiful story of your own life. You are always the free author, and your mind is the loom that weaves together your human experience into a meaningful narrative. Your story, when it comes from a place of consciousness and intention, will heal you.

While on my deathbed, right before my eyes close forever and therefore the story of this life comes to its permanent end, I want to reflect on my life story as a whole and, with the last bit of stamina I have, utter (probably in my late grandfather’s voice), “That was the best goddamn story I ever read.”

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