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The Creative Life is Worth Living

I took a week off (work, COVID, status quo) to focus on thinking ... feeling ... doing deep inner exploration ... brainstorming a book. It was a success! My creative subconscious exploded into awareness!

While packing my bags, this "download" popped into my consciousness, and I wanted to share it. The words and syntax are mine, but the message is definitely not.

It went: "Creativity exists in the eternal, infinite spaceless space between old and new ... known and unknown ... existence and non-existence ... stagnation and renewal ... order and disorder ... fear and courage ... terror and exhilaration ... life and death.

Creativity is how we know we are living, breathing, feeling ... It's how we know we are REAL. It's how we are KNOWN -- to ourselves and to others. It's our unique "stamp" on the cosmos. It's expressing our being in its truest, purest form.

Creativity is "I AM ---------."

We are all creative in some way. We must discover in what way. The possibilities are infinite.

The 'uncreative life' is not worth living."

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