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Areas of Expertise


I am a mental health therapist specializing in treating depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, addiction, low self-esteem, high stress, relationship issues, and spiritual/life confusion.


I am a certified yoga instructor trained in mind-body techniques--meditation, mindfulness, yoga, breathwork, and relaxation--for improving holistic wellness. 

My Approach

As an integrative therapist, I recognize each client as a unique and complex person, with a unique story to tell, and that effective therapy means paying attention to all the moving parts in a client’s life.


My approach varies depending on the unique story, circumstances, and needs of each client. The soul of my practice is person-centered. This means, before encouraging therapeutic change or growth, I desire to understand who you are as a whole person, including your mental, emotional, and spiritual parts. You are always treated with warmth and kindness, and your independence, wisdom, and personal input are always valued and respected. 


You may be coming to therapy partially or completely unaware of what contributes to your struggles in certain life areas. As an integrative therapist, I often use a psychodynamic approach. This means I assist you in building awareness and insight into the unique factors contributing to your suffering. I very much value your personal input in this area. I strongly believe you are the expert when it comes to your own life; my job is to make you aware of what you may already know.


Additionally, I have a background in yoga, meditation, mindfulness, breath work, and stress reduction. I am open to incorporating these mind-body techniques, as well as spiritual themes, into your therapy sessions -- always with your permission. 

My Approach
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