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Resonating With Your Higher Self

When your ego personality (your self-concept as you usually experience it) begins resonating with the higher energy of Spirit, you might notice the following inner and outer transformations (the list is infinitely varied): A realization that you are not your thoughts, feelings, or body. You are a self-aware entity that uses the mind and body as instruments of experience and expression. You realize the primordial Truth: “I AM.”

You approach life with more lightness. You stop taking yourself too seriously (although you’re committed to living life to its fullest). You’re able to laugh at your quirks and foibles. Really, what can hurt your pride?

You stop squandering energy trying to be a “somebody” -- smartest, best-looking, most successful, most popular, highest Instagram following, most spiritual, etc. You find the process of emptying yourself of artificial labels, ideas, and constructs fulfilling and peaceful. You realize that striving to be a “somebody” is a spiritual dead end.

You enjoy being present with yourself, in complete solitude. Just being alone with yourself is an exciting and rewarding experience in and of itself!

You stop comparing yourself to others. You find delight in your existence, and you’re glad you’re nobody but yourself.

You are seldom, if ever, bored. The world/universe is an inexhaustible source of intrigue, mystery, and excitement. You viscerally feel the unfathomable mystery of being alive and self-aware.

You viscerally sense how sacred life is, and you strongly desire to treat others with respect, kindness, and love. You respect others’ freedom to be themselves, and the last thing you want to do is get in their way. You realize that true love respects the ebb and flow of existence, and doesn’t grasp or cling for egoic purposes.

You see “God,” “Spirit,” or “Truth” in everyone you meet, in guises and forms you don’t always rationally comprehend. It’s just there, regardless of faith, creed, or culture.

You realize no one exists on an island. We have our individuality and individual responsibility, but we also exist as part of a greater whole, ecosystems within ecosystems. You see interconnectedness everywhere, and you invest energy in protecting and elevating important ecosystems.

You experience truth as paradox at every turn, and learn to roll with it. Life is as beautiful as it is dark….up and and cold...this and that...yes and no.... yes/and…(it’s never ending, really).

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