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The Mysterious Energy of Love

Love is a mysterious, shape-shifting energy. Although its guises change like an ever-revolving kaleidoscope, its underlying essence always remains the same: love knows you better than you know yourself, and it is always working towards your highest good. Every single moment love is present in one form or another.

Love is the tender compassion that soothes your aching heart … the solace and comfort when you are feeling lonely and scared … the joy and inspiration when you are feeling creatively alive … the introverted melancholy when you are feeling sad and depressed … the upwelling of heart energy when you’re holding a baby … the wordless ecstasy of connecting with a human being … the “oomph” you need to get out of bed on those bleak, gray mornings … the pain and suffering when you refuse to grow ... the sense of pride and achievement when you master a challenge … the anger and rage when the sacred has been violated … the firm nudge when you let fear hold you back ... the courageous leap of faith into the unknown, risking it all ... the reassuring voice deep inside whispering, “You are exactly where you are supposed to be.” And so on.

Love is where we come from, where we derive our life and sustenance, and where we go after we die. It's an infinite cycle of endless experience. You are not who you think you are — you are infinitely more. You are Love experiencing itself through the personality of “you.” Love is all there is.

17Kate MinusEight, Wendy Laine Pecoraro and 15 others

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