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  • John Turnquist

Love Truly Sees You

Love, in its purest essence, doesn't care one iota about the following:

-What your IQ is -How many degrees or achievements you have -Whether you're skinny or big, or somewhere in between -If you're young or old -How much money you make -What your house looks like -What kind of job you have -If you have physical or intellectual disabilities -If you struggle with physical and/or mental health issues -If you parents love/loved you -Who you love -If your childhood was shit -If your significant other doesn't care about you, or if you even have one -What your religious or spiritual background is -Etc.

True love sees who you really are. With a warmth and truthfulness so undeniably sure of itself, love says, "You are perfect and worthy just as you are. Stop trying to be something else. Just be yourself."

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