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Is the Energy of Love Present in Your Life?

My life story is really a story about searching for LOVE, understanding LOVE, and experiencing LOVE -- in all its countless forms. Love is a mysterious energy that has many expressions, yet its true essence transcends all expressions.

When the energy of love is lacking, you may experience:

-Feelings of worthlessness, deficiency, inadequacy, self-doubt, self-hatred -Trapped in thinking -A sense that your life has no meaning, purpose, or direction -Isolation, separation, withdrawal, alienation -Anger, resentment, shame and/or chronic guilt -Disregard for health, wellness, safety, discipline -Lack of attention, or too narrow attention -Stagnation, being stuck in a dull loop, existential fatigue -Etc. -FEAR, FEAR, AND MORE FEAR

Attempting to describe the essence of love is beyond the scope of this post, but I will say this: fundamental to love's essence is the experience of intentional noticing -- that is, paying attention to what matters in a very conscious manner. We can't learn to embrace and love what we don't notice and know.

When the energy of love is present, you may experience:

-A sense of aliveness, vibrancy, inspiration, encouragement, motivation Just being/feeling complete without trying -Hope and faith -Compassion and empathy (for self and others) -Paying attention to your body, mind, and spirit -Taking risks, allowing change and evolution to happen -Being light-hearted and humorous; not being too serious -Embracing vulnerability; validating your feelings -Seeking out a community of positive and encouraging people who support your growth; cutting out those who bring you down -Experiencing delight in your own company -Nourishing your body with healthy foods and physical touch -Balanced discipline -A sense of connection with others, with masks and personas not in the way -Experiencing the profound beauty and mystery of life, including your own

How do you know when the energy of love is present or not present in your life?

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