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In my spiritual heart-mind (to use a term from ancient Chinese philosophy) I fervently believe Jesus in modern times would do the following: kneel alongside Colin Kaepernick ... weep over the video footage of George Floyd ... march in a Pride Parade ... camp/protest in Standing Rock ... provide refuge for beleaguered immigrants ... decry misogyny/sexual violence at a Women's March ... fight against gender, LGBTQ, racial, ethnic, class, etc. inequality/discrimination. The list is endless.

He wouldn't confine himself into a political, religious, or ideological box, but would force us to examine ourselves and pay attention to what really matters. You would be loved by virtue of you being you, and you wouldn't be required to "change" or "convert."

Where pain and suffering and degradation cut deep: there he'd be. An absence of love and understanding: there'd be be. The struggle for freedom, visibility, protection, dignity, self-esteem, and self-respect: there'd he be. A violation of Divine law and justice: there'd he be.

What would your Jesus do?

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