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A Poem About Love

Love is an experience mysteriously profound Its energy can move mountains, or tiptoe without sound

When love caresses your heart, its existence is undoubtedly true Try to pin it down, its definition vanishes into the infinite blue

Love is eternally One, although it expresses itself as many Its healing grace excludes no one, but exists for all and any

Love is a soft shoulder to cry on, when you are feeling discouraged and sad It is ever patient and attentive, when you are downright stubborn and mad

When you doubt your worth in life and feel so terribly alone Love is always there on standby, beckoning you to come home

Love is your steadfast cheerleader, uplifting you in this unpredictable game of life It accepts you unconditionally, no matter your misfortune or strife

Love is not afraid to raise its voice, when you keep yourself in foolish fetters It will stare deep into your soul and say, “I know you know better.”

Like trying to capture the sky in a jar, love cannot be contained in one religion or creed It knows no boundaries or limits and is for all who are in need

As the beauty of love absorbs you, the universe comes to a blissful and dreamy stop To describe love in words--can one recreate the ocean from a single water drop?

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